Day #8, 2 Pima seedlings appear


 CORRECTION:  Title inadvertently stated Upland Seedling

Checked the Pimas this morning, and two have breached the soil.

east Pima Seedling’s first daywest Pima seedling’s first day

According to the University of Georgia Cotton Growth and Development pamphlet, p. 5, the tap root can grow ten inches before the cotyledons appear. One of the Pimas, tap roots is just over 6.5 inches long. Impressive what a seed can do in eight days. The other Pima’s tap root is about the same length.

In this photograph, the root end it is being held in place by a paper clip

Tap root

Both plants have been moved from 8 oz. Containers to 32 oz. Containers.

Tranplanted Pima

Sixteen Upland seeds were soaked, and thirteen have been planted. There should be enough seeds in the soil for the project. Decided to open one of the three Upland seeds not yet planted. Using fingernails, the first two seeds were destroyed by my clumsy methodology. The third seed opened in one piece. There is a slight mar on the left side of the seed where it was probably bruised by my less than scientific style. Before the complete removal of the casing, the seed was starting to expand, My gestimate would be it increased in volume by about 10-15 percent by being released from the cover.

covering removed from seed


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