Day #14, Upland plumules developing

Plumules are growing, but less evident on the Upland cotton plants, they are about two days behind the Pima cotton plants’ development.

Upland cotton plumule node


Different shapes of the Pima and Upland cotton cotyledons.

Pima cotyledon top viewUpland cotyleton to view


Six of the eight Pima cotton seeds have broken through the soil, seven of thirteen Upland cotton plants are in the same state. The mysterious Turquoise cotton seed has not yet appeared.

While washing dishes, something out there in the peripheral vision zone caught my attention. An unopened Pima on the counter waiting for some water was making a quaking motion. My first thought was an earthworm under the roots. After about a minute, the cotyledons popped opened, and the plant went back to normal.

Checked both Oregon Historical Society’s and University of Oregon’s on-line catalogues for cotton crops grown in Oregon. There does not seem to be any attempt at this venture here.

Before starting this endeavor, my total erudition of cotton was that tube socks always fit, and it may still be at this level. All knowledge attained over the past several weeks regarding cotto, has been from the Internet, so please judge posts with your 0.01 aangstrom learning filter in place. There are many good sources on the subject of cotton, one of my favorites is


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