Day# 22, Turquoise seedling troubles

The Turquoise cotton seedling emerged with a cotyledon damaged at the base, and cannot develop or drop down to horizontal. The other cotyledon does not look like either Pima or Upland. Perhaps the Turquoise seed is a third species, perhaps it is struggling to do double duty, perhaps it is about to die. Of the seventeen seeds that have emerged, this is the first one to have any problems. The photosynthetic process has not yet really kicked in for the Turquoise seedling.

Damaged Turquoise stemTopView



If you want to know one reason why plants appear green, you might want to check out this link.

On Day# 8, there was a suggested the markings on the Pima cotyledons might be indicative of a problem. All Pimas displaying these marking are setting plumules. An Internet image search on “Pima cotydelon” and “Pima cotydelons” has resulted in no relevant hits. Whether these patterns are normal is unanswered.


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