04-01, day #30

There is no descriptive title for this post. So, here is a recap of the past several days.

A photo of the Pima cotton plant’s first true leaf was posted four days ago. It has more than doubled length and width. Subject leaf is the one in top view. The smaller leaf at the base, of the first leaf is a second true leaf, about the same size as the first leaf four days past. Both of the first two leaves are similar in shape


The Upland Cotton plant’s second leaf is more lobed leaf shaped than the first true leaf. All of the upland cotton second leaves that have so far opened are some variation on this geometry, but not necessarily the same proportion of length and width.


The Turquoise cotton seed is more visible, and if one looks closely at the base of the first true leaf, a second leaf can be seen starting to form.


The first seedling-stage plant died, it was an Upland. Hopefully not a message of foreboding events on this most auspicious day.



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