day# 37, first crop count

Initally, Eight Pima cotton seeds, sixteen Upland seeds, and one unknown species (Turquoise seed), were started. As of today, six Pima, eight Upland and 1 Turquoise plant have sprouted and are doing well. Three of healthy seeds soaked prior to planting were sacrificed to view what was inside the seed casing, one died last week. Soil of the remaining six plants were examined today in hopes of discovering what happened to the seeds that did not develop.

Photos of the only plant that died after emerging, as mentioned in the April 1 post.


One of the immature Pima seed was located, The seed was intentionally broken open, and the contents immediately changed color from off-white to a pistachio-green. My apologies that this photo does not more accurately capture the observed color


One complete Upland, with what appears to be a dead cotyledon was encased in the soil. Why the tap root would develop in a vertical circle is a mystery to me.


In two other pots, what looked like healthy root segment were found. My digging may have broken the plants apart.

This photo show how the Pima leaves are starting to acquire a different shape than the first true leaves. The Upland leaf is more flat, while the Pima is taking on a 3D geometry, perhaps allowing more bound surface area than an Upland.


Several of the Upland cotton plants’ more mature leaves have what appears to be, for better terms, a leaf mosaic. “Leaf mosaic” seems to be a name used to describe tomato leaves with a certain problem, there is probably a more accurate term to depict a similar pattern on cotton leaves. The Pima and Turquoise cotton plants do not have this problem.


The plants might be starting to adjust to life as house plants. This Upland was put in a larger pot today, it looks a bit leggy to me compared to pictures of cotton plants conventionally cultivated. If one looks closely, the tap root can be seen extending into the Bearing Sea.


The Uplands are starting to develop some kind of secondary growth along opposite side of the the nodes, these might be stipules, not sure. This photo show two sets.


Cotyledons are starting to fall from the all the plants.

The Turquoise cotton seed is developing more slowly than the Pima and Upland plants. It now has two true leaves. They appear to have the Upland lobed geometry with a narrower length/width ratio. The first true leaf is starting to take on the 3D structure of the Pima leaves.



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