Day #65, pivoting cotton plant leaves

From when the cotyledons matured, to the present, both Pima and Upland cotton plant’s leaves have pivoted down from what seems to be the blade end of the petioles at night. Both sets of photos are of an Upland, the Pima leaves would not align correctly for photographing. The left photo shows the leaf-petiole junction with the blade in an almost vertical night position. The right was taken during daylight. Please note, one plant is turned approximately 180-degrees.


The next two of photos shows a set of leaves at night, and during daylight. The bottom leaf in the left photo forming an acute angle between the petiole and the blade is the same lowest dark small leaf in the right photo forming an obtuse angle with the petiole.


Whatever this action is, it must take a lot of the plant’s energy, and be important as it starts early in the plant’s life.



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