Day #74, gossypol and lateral meristems

The intent was to show leaf venation, but more was captured. The black spots on this Pima cotton leaf are the gossypol glands. These glands release a substance that is toxic to humans and other non-ruminant mammals when eaten. The cotton seed is considered possibly high-protein, and the cotton’s genes have been modified to remove this toxin. Anyone for some cotton flavored ice cream? If you want to learn more about gossypol, you might want to start here –


Each tick on the measuring tape is 1/32”.

Pima venation and gossypolpima leaf and tape


The Upland cotton plants are starting to set lateral meristems. Hopefully some of these forthcoming branches will be homes of future cotton bolls. The cotyledons have not been removed with the intent of slowing the cotton plant’s growth.



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