Day #86, planting day


The danger of frost passed about two weeks ago. However, the night temperatures have been in the mid-40s. Somewhere in my recent reading about cotton an article went into details of how lower temperatures can cause nodes can develop on the cotton plant roots roots that later interfere with plant development. An Internet search for th article did not locate the source. Recent low night temperatures have been in the mid-50s, and the ten-day forecast indicates an upward trend.


Potted up two Pimas, and four Uplands. The reason for this choice is that, based on my reading, Pima cotton takes longer to mature than Upland, and in the USA more Upland is grown than Pima. Not the most rational decision making, but the decision is made. The quantity select was to ensure there would be enough light and space to thrive with seven tomato plants, and several other smaller potted neighbors.


The plants were selected on presence of of lateral meristem development. The selection was-

two – 32oz. containers of Pimas

two – 32 oz. containers of Uplands and

two – 8 oz. containers of Upland container.


These photos show roots on a 32 oz. Pima, no evidence of a large tap root on the bottom view.



The roots were much more fragile than anticipated. Moist soil provided enough force to shear about 2/3-3/4 of the roots from the three of the four larger root systems.


The planting medium is Turfking Potting soil. I selected this because the composition seemed like a safe medium for starting, and the plants looked so Prozacally blissful on the label.


The current plant is to water the plants for the first several weeks, and let them adjust from being house plants to their more natural setting, kind of like Montessori school for cotton plants.


Looking north on our untidy patio, two Pima are on the left-most column, and the Uplands are to the right, or east. The three top rows are 32 oz container plants. The middle back cotton plant, survived planting with its root system in one piece. Pimas might be larger than Upland cotton plants, and may need to be relocated later to ensure Uplands receive maximum sunlight.


Cotton planted pots are spaced approximately 30” on-center. The distance between plants will be increased if necessary.




This photo is looking west-northwest. Looking at the sky, there may be rain tonight, which usually bring out slugs. That golden stuff on the patio that looks like breakfast cereal is slug bait.



This was a good day for planting, about 60-F, and little wind.




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