Day #120, cotton squares appear

The cotton plants have a top-heavy appearance. They are still recovering from their solar overexposure. Lower branches are starting to fill in and take on characteristics of their younger, more developed siblings.



There has been some unidentified growth on one of the two Pimas, and three of four Upland cotton plants for several days. These are future cotton blossoms, or be be referred by their name in the cotton trade as squares. They are actually tetrahedral in shape with soft burrs on the vertical sloping edges. The larger squares are about 0.75-inch across the base’s flat surface, and approximately 1” hight. The squares are developing above the fifth and sixth branches.

In this photo a Pima cotton square can be seen just left of center. A The square’s subtending leaf’s stem is casting a shadow across the square’s lower right corner. The square can be further identified by several parallel grooves growing in the axis of the square.


Most of the squares are just out of camera’s ability to capture at this time. More photos will be posted in several days of the future blossoms.


2 Responses to “Day #120, cotton squares appear”

  1. crowcallingwoman Says:

    This is facinating! I have been following the progress with drool hanging out of the corner of my mouth…LOL! I so want to grow cotton, but being in Wisconsin, I think it is nearly impossible without running up one heck of an electric bill. Keep up the updates as I am eagerly awaiting the day when photos of cotton pods show up on your blog!


  2. oregoncotton Says:


    Tried contacting you via your post’s e-mail address. The message bounced.
    We need to chat.


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