Day #162, various photos

An exotic Pima blossoms.




A frilly Upland blossom




Some Upland cotton buds about to open




This Pima cotton started growing off at an angle, but is now correcting itself.




Both Pima cotton plants. The foreground plant is the tallest of all six cotton plants. It has many buds, but has not yet blossomed.



The four Upland cotton plants




This weekend the cotton plants will be entertained by the Blue Angels.




2 Responses to “Day #162, various photos”

  1. Dausta Says:

    Your pictures are a reminder that everything is a process and if you have that understanding, you can be patient waiting on the end of the process for the FINISHED PRODUCT. I enjoyed your pictures.

  2. oregoncotton Says:

    Hi Dasha,

    Glad you are enjoying the cotton project. This undertaking is a subject about I know nothing. When we do these kinds of tasks, we learn so much more than the immediate task.
    Hope you find some topic of interest to you with unanswered questions, and pursue it.


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