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Day #203, Oregon Cotton update and photos

September 22, 2007

The Pima cotton plants seem to have quit blooming, and the Upland are down to perhaps their last two blossoms.



Several Pima cotton squares.



An Upland cotton square.


These two Upland cotton squares have bloom tags.

Day #191, several cotton square photos

September 9, 2007

These Pima cotton squares appear to be still filling out their capsules.

09-09_mvc-009f.jpg 09-09_mvc-013f.jpg




The Upland cotton squares seem be be more mature.


Day #185, Several more photos of the Oregon Cotton project

September 3, 2007

Several Upland cotton blossoms

09-03_mvc-008s.jpg 09-03_mvc-023f.jpg



A Pima and an Upland square.




Cotton plant tops .  The plants continue putting out squares, even though they will never fruit.